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About Us


Our Story

We love our customers from the moment  you walk in o our store you will like you are part of our family.


We Maria and Marco De La Plaza are the owners of Latin Foods and Wines,

We are Local Melton residents and love to provide not only the Latin community their favorite dishes which brings back memories for their culture, we also provide the opportunity for other cultures to enjoy the Authentic Latin cuisine.

Our Almasol brand is also available in store, we wanted to create the traditional Latin American Foods with contemporary flavors for our customers to easily prepare in the convenience of your own home, Empanadas, Frozen Foods and Pupusas which is just the beginning,


The Almasol products are available to approved wholesalers via this website.

We would like welcome you instore to meet you and provide you the best of Latin American flavors and cuisine and be part of our family..






Come on down and say "Hola!" and see what everyone is raving on about..

Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


See you soon!

Maria and Marco De La Plaza

Latin Foods and Wines

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